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Offering various kinds of massage, Trager, meditation and other natural therapies, the Song of Life Healing Centre is conveniently located 3 min from the town center of Denmark, WA.

Only a short walk from Denmark, we are situated right by the forest in a beautifully quiet spot.  We offer a variety of holistic healing sessions as well as retreats for Body, Mind and Soul.

Elsa Luhn is a caring and enthusiastic Massage and Trager Practitioner with many years experience in various forms of healing arts and meditation.

Various forms of massage and healing:

massageRemedial Massage, a deep and generous massage to soften your tight muscles, undo the knots and reduce pain and restriction caused by stress or injuries.

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Relaxation Massage, generous, gentle yet deep with profound effects. Combining a light flowing massage with enough depth for you to feel it doing you truly good, this massage creates the most relaxing and healing experience.

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Holistic Massage, tailored just to your needs, this massage relaxes the body, reaches the mind and helps you to learn to let go from the inside out.
We understand that it's not the muscles idea to be tight. Our muscles get their information from the brain, through the nervous system. The deepest relaxation happens when we work not just with the muscles but with the holistic system of our body/mind.

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The Trager Approach encourages increased freedom of movement, deep relaxation, lightness and well-being. In a hands-on session you re-discover your natural state of relaxation. Trager helps to dissolve habits and patterns that cause tensions, pain or restrictions.

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Meditation is the art of being with what is, as it is, here now. Simply being. At peace. There are many meditation techniques that have evolved over the centuries, and many new ones that may be more appropriate for the 21st century. We can explore various ways of entering the peaceful state of meditation, and help you find which way resonates with youself.


Retreats for Relaxation, Healing, or Meditation are offered at the lovely Bombina Cottages in Denmark ... a place of peace and tranquility, by the forest and overlooking the blue waters of the Wilson Inlet.



About Elsa Luhn:

ElsaElsa has been practising massage and bodywork for more than 20 years.

She holds the Diploma in Remedial Massage, and has also trained in Rebalancing, Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Conscious Touch and more.

In 1992 she took particular interest in the Trager Approach because of its gentle, non-intrusive  and yet such powerful and effective nature. She is a certified Trager Practitioner, Introductory Workshop Leader and Mentastics Teacher.

Her journey of meditation as well as personal and spiritual growth has brought a fresh quality and a depth of presence and compassion to her work.

Elsa is has completed 2 of 3 years of the Somatic Experiencing Professional Training. As she is still practicing and refining her new skills in this trauma healing modality, she is offering SE practice sessions for small donations at this point in time.


Articles on Health, Healing and Meditation

Meditation in the Workplace

We all know the feeling. Something is needed and we don’t know quite what it is. You’re feeling stressed or distracted, anxious or unhappy ...

Below are a few suggested meditations for the workplace. All of them are quick and easy.

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Trager ® Movement Helps Stroke Recovery
Joe Lee Griffin, Ph.D.

In stroke recovery, a fortunate few return to normal activity with some time and professional help. Most others encounter blocks or difficulties that slow or prevent full recovery. This article identifies some common blocks to recovery and discusses how Trager movement reeducation can help one work through, avoid or go around such blocks.

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We offer

Wellness Retreats
at Bombina Cottages in Denmark
including massage, Trager, meditation, wonderful walks and more. Or simply come to relax and enjoy the fantastic views that make your heart sing!


"Thank you for the best massage I have ever had. Elsa really listens to your needs and pays special attention to the tiny details that makes for the most comforting, relaxing feeling ever. The extra mile Elsa goes to makes it a beautiful experience is way beyond the norm. Thanks so much, perfect birthday treat!!!! Jo"

"The massage with Elsa was the highlight of my personal experience - you cannot leave Denmark without going to Elsa's place and having the best massage ever! Thank you Elsa! Francis"

"This massage has been the best one I've ever had, and I've had a lot! Elsa's touch was incredibly conscious and in tune with my body's needs. A truly beautiful experience and very healing. Corinne"

Health Tips:

Eating as a meditation
How about making something we do every day into a meditation and reaping health benefits from it at the same time?

When you eat, let your senses open. Be simply present ... take a moment to enjoy the look of the food, the smell ... as you pick up the fork, feel the touch of fork on skin, maybe feel the sunshine or the air on your hands, your face ... slowly raise the food to your mouth, being aware of the anticipation ... and then experience the flavour, the temperature and texture of the food, bite by bite.
Take your time to taste all the different nuances the food has to offer.

Allow your eyes to be soft, your breath to be free.
What a gift, a moment of simply being here, not distracted by TV or radio, a book or computer.
Simply tasting, smelling, feeling.

Eating as a meditation allows you to relax while you eat, to feel more calm and peaceful, more centered.
In this state the nervous system supports the digestion and the absorbtion of nutrients to its optimum.

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Laughing is healthy!

Embarassing! I was born in Germany, and my english was very basic indeed when I first travelled to England at the age of 15. I was trying to find something in the supermarket, and I just couldn't find it. So I asked a shop assistent: "Where do I find dogs?" - "Dogs?" - "Yes, dogs!" -"We don't sell any dogs." - " You must sell dogs! Cold dogs!" - "COLD DOGS???" - "Yes! You know hot dogs? I want cold dogs." - "Ahh! Sausages!" - "Yes! Sausages!"

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Allow your inner beauty
to reveal itself
through relaxation and peacefulness.