Trager … An Approach For Every Body

The Trager® Approach is pleasurable and gentle, yet the effects are deep and lasting. In a Trager session, your body is supported and gently moved within its pain-free range and natural rhythm.

Free your body

Every movement and every touch that you experience while lying on a Trager table communicates how free your body could be. It calms the nervous system, the muscles relax, and the body is able to let go into the play of the movements. As your body and mind yield to these soft movements, tensions disappear and new movement patterns become possible, the natural, free flowing movements we all used to know as children.

As you receive your Trager session, you may choose to be partially or fully clothed.

“Milton Trager’s work will benefit
anyonewishing to lead a healthier
and more dynamic life.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D., Author

Trager Mentastics… You Can Take The Feeling With You

The lightness, expansion and liveliness that you feel at the end of your session can be recalled at any time, using simple movements called Mentastics.

In your session you will be helped to discover the Mentastics which suit your individual needs. Integrating Mentastics in your daily life will allow you to enhance, remind and recall these feelings of ease, freedom, flexibility and joy.

Trager… An Investment In Your Well-Being

Benefits of a Trager session are cumulative, with subsequent sessions allowing for deeper and longer lasting change.


A Trager Session

The Trager Approach is a way of learning through movement and touch.

In a Trager session, you receive repeated lessons in what it feels like to move with more and more ease and freedom. Your head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, back and torso are supported, gently moved, elongated, jiggled and rocked in your body's natural rhythms.

As your mind and body yield to these soft, wave-like movements, tensions disappear and new movement patterns become possible.

Passive and Active:

Passive movement – you are being moved so you experience your body with new freedom, lightness and ease, you re-discover your original state of freedom and relaxation.
Mentastics – an active movement exploration with emphasis on feeling, discovering how freely and comfortably we can move and live.



Many people seek a Trager session for relaxation, personal growth, or increased feelings of joy and wellness.

The Trager Approach has also been reported to ease or manage a wide range of conditions including:

~ back and neck pain
~ stress
~ everyday aches and pains
~ limited movement
~ headaches
~ poor posture
~ depression
~ physical/emotional trauma
~ sports and other injuries
~ carpal tunnel syndrome
~ multiple sclerosis
~ Parkinson’s disease


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Relaxation ... just how do I 'do' it?
Trager Introductory Workshop with Elsa Luhn

“What could be lighter?  … freer?  … and lighter still than this?”

just how soft can this feel?

Trager is a playful way of re-discovering our natural state of relaxation, effortlessness and freedom.

In this workshop we use touch and movement to explore what it feels like when our body and mind feel at ease, become softer and lighter, relaxing deeply even while moving.  It is an incredible tool for everyday life.

Trager helps to dissolve habits and patterns that cause tensions, pain or restrictions.  It offers us new positive feeling experiences, new options of living and moving with ease, joy and freedom.

Dates to be announced

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Advanced Trager Workshop

A Weekend Workshop with Elsa Luhn
A weekend to develop your skills, to experience and apply the Trager Approach to change deep-seated patterns.

For those who have already participated in a Trager Introductory workshop, this is your chance to further develop your skills, to apply the Trager approach with capability and ease.

all is well

Trager is a playful way of re-discovering our natural state of relaxation, effortlessness and freedom. We learn to support our clients in releasing deep-seated physical and mental patterns  and to facilitate their discovery of deep relaxation, increased physical mobility and mental clarity.

In this advanced workshop you will learn specific moves and techniques.  You will develop your ability to support clients to replace unhelpful habits and patterns with new freedom, lightness and ease.

Dates to be announced

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Trager® Movement Helps Stroke Recovery

Joe Lee Griffin, Ph.D.

In stroke recovery, a fortunate few return to normal activity with some time and professional help. Most others encounter blocks or difficulties that slow or prevent full recovery. This article identifies some common blocks to recovery and discusses how Trager movement reeducation can help one work through, avoid or go around such blocks.

The Trager Approach is an educational process that uses gentle, rhythmic movement to help the functional mind learn. A post-stroke individual can usefully create self-movement or can be moved by another, like a Trager practitioner.

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Trager Introductory Workshop
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“I feel like a dancing cloud.”
Chuangliang Al Huang,
Tai Chi Master, author & calligrapher, after having received a Trager session.



“Milton Trager's work will benefit anyone wishing to lead a healthier and more dynamic life.”

~ Deepak Chopra, M.D.,
Author, Founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being, California


“Nothing increases the range of movement in my neck as does a Trager session.”

~ Susan Sarah Payga Zimmerman,
Author of
‘Journal of Disability to Ability’

“It feels as if my body is dancing.”

~ Paula Astl, 91 years old, in a wheelchair


“The advantage of Trager sessions is that the athlete can stay more limber and loose, and thus freer of muscle damage.”

~ John Pearcy,Trainer

“Trager work is an invaluable aid for all singers. It relaxes the throat muscles and positions the larynx for extended range and better breath support. I rely on it.”

~ Linda Ronstadt, Singer

Allow your inner beauty
to reveal itself
through relaxation and peacefulness.